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I climbe a tree, I see cherries. I see a red cherry, I pluck it, I put it in my mouth. I see a red cherry, reach for it, pluck it, put it in my mouth. I see another red cherry, put it in my mouth. How many cherries can fit in my mouth? I put as many cherries in my mouth as can fit. I spit in the palm of my hand. So many cherries fit in my mouth.

In the 90s I lived in Khmelnytsky. I spent the summer of the 90s in the garden in Kalush and Morshyn. Since then, eating berries simply from a bush or tree is a kind of ritual. This meditation works with me till this day. Eating berries from the tree is one of my favorite activities.
It's winter, I ate thawed cherries. After them, it was difficult to eat anything else, because the teeth were clenched.

Memories of the 90s - a form that can be stretched almost immeasurably. The memory of the 90s of a person born in the 90s cannot be impersonal, and even the memory has consequences.

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